Workshop Manual Volkswagen Polo
  • Workshop Manual Volkswagen Polo

Workshop Manual Volkswagen Polo (2018-2020) (EN)

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The manual includes technical data, drawings, procedures and detailed instructions needed to run autonomously repair and vehicle maintenance.
Suitable for specialized workshops but also for the individual owners of the vehicle to better explore the operation of its vehicle or to provide ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.


Workshop manual for

2018 - 2020


  •     Maintenance
  •     3-cyl. direct injection engine (1.0l engine, 4 V, EA 211, turbocharger)
  •     3-cyl. injection engine (1.0l engine, 4 V, EA 211) CHYA CHYB CHYC CHYD
  •     3-cyl. injection engine (1.0l engine, 4V, EA211 EVO) DFNA DFNB
  •     3-cyl. injection engine (1.0l, natural gas, 4V EA211, turbocharger) DBYA
  •     4-cyl. common rail (1.6l and 2.0 l, 4 V, turbocharger, EA 288)
  •     4-cyl. direct injection engine (2.0l, 4V, EA 888 gen III BZ, turbocharger, chain drive)
  •     4-cyl. injection engine (1.6l engine, 4 V, EA 211) Engine ID CWVA CWVB
  •     4-cyl. direct injection engine (1.5l, 4V, EA211, turbocharger) DACA DADA DACB DPBA DPBE DPCA
  •     Fuel supply system – diesel engines (DGTC DGTD)
  •     Fuel supply system – natural gas engines (DBYA DHFA)
  •     Gas drive – General information (BEH BSX CDGA CPGA CPWA DBYA DHFA)
  •     Fuel supply system, petrol engines
  •     Installed 6-speed manual gearbox 02Q
  •     6-speed manual gearbox 02Q, 0BB and 0FB, removed
  •     Installed 5-speed manual gearbox 0A4
  •     Removed 5-speed manual gearbox 0A4
  •     Installed 5-speed manual gearbox 0AF
  •     Removed 5-speed manual gearbox 0AF
  •     Installed 6-speed manual gearbox 0DQ
  •     Removed 6-speed manual gearbox 0DQ
  •     5-speed manual gearboxes 0DF and 0D0, installed
  •     Removed 5-speed manual gearbox 0DF and 0D0
  •     Installed 6-speed manual gearbox 0AJ
  •     Removed 6-speed manual gearbox 0AJ
  •     6-speed dual clutch gearbox 0D9
  •     7-speed dual clutch gearbox 0CW
  •     Wheels and Tyres Guide – General Information (Edition 09.2017)
  •     Wheels and Tyres Guide – General Information (Edtition 11.2019)
  •     Wheels and Tyres Guide
  •     Running gear, axles, steering
  •     Brake system
  •     Guide for using trailers from market launch 2016
  •     Manual for Troubleshooting and Diagnosing Noises
  •     Manual on Localising the Ingress of Water
  •     Communication
  •     Heating, air conditioner
  •     Air conditioning systems with refrigerant R1234yf – General information
  •     Vehicle-specific paint information
  •     General information – Paint, passenger vehicles
  •     Body Repairs
  •     General Body Repairs
  •     General body repairs, exterior
  •     General body repairs, interior
  •     Electrical system

Wiring Diagrams



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